100% Vegan
Hot & Spicy         Means items can be made gluten free
please remind your server that you want the item gluten free

Homemade Iced-Drinks

Fresh Lemonade 3.00
Fresh Ginger Ale 3.00
Passion Fruit Soda 3.00
Iced Green Tea
(sweetened or unsweetened)
Iced Mint Tea
(sweetened or unsweetened)
Thai Iced-Tea 3.00
Thai Iced-Coffee 3.00
Shirley Temple 3.00
Lychee Soda 3.00
Mint Lemonade 4.00
Passion Fruit Lemonade 4.00
Virgin Mojito 4.00
Mango Green Tea 4.00
Soy Milk Tea
Choice of mango, lychee, lemon or passion fruit